I Love Puerto Rico Selfie Spots

Puerto Rico Selfie Spots

Puerto Ricans are doers by default with an unbreakable spirit. We are used to throw obstacles out of the park. This is why our resiliency and our attitude has been key in the recovery and reconstruction of our Island after Hurricanes Irma and María back in 2017.

This installations, represent the unprecedented effort of the people of Puerto Rico, from public institutions, groups, and individuals who have come together with the same goal; rebuild our Island and show our love for her. And hey, they are great selfie spots!

So, next time you see one of the I <3 PR installations, take a selfie and share your love for Puerto Rico using #ILovePR #HoyConstruimos #selfiesthatcount

Where to find them:

1. Centro de Convenciones de Puerto Rico | Fountain 

Puerto Rico Selfie Spots

Visiting the biggest convention center of the Caribbean? Take a selfie and show some love.

2. Centro de Convenciones de Puerto Rico | Lobby

Puerto Rico Selfie Spots

So let’s say, you were at an event and you forgot to take a selfie for your social media feed, there’s another selfie spot at the lobby. #YoureWelcome

3. Muelle 1 | Old San Juan

I love PR

Your cruise has stopped once again, but this time, in Puerto Rico. There’s a selfie spot right at the dock! Take a pic, it will definitely be a showstopper.

4. Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport | Jet Blue Terminal

I love PR Selfie Spot

Say goodbye with a smile and a selfie, and promise you’ll come back!

5. José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum, “El Choli”

El Choli Selfie Spot

You’re already all glammed up for an event at El Choli, take a selfie and the likes and follows will come to you almost automatically.


Have fun!

Photos by Esteban Morales Neris for buenavibra.com


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