It happens that references in the labor market newbies set mother, father, grandmother and even calling the office on behalf of the prospective employee and trying to have nothing to do it in finding employment.

So also will be increased pension due to partial inability to work and disability group III – the minimum increase is expected to be in this case 27 zł, or 75 percent. guaranteed minimum amount. While those receiving a partial retirement can count on at least 18 zł greater benefit than those obtained today. Persons entitled to a social pension, in turn, will in turn be entitled to benefit in the amount of 84 percent. zwaloryzowanej pensions for total incapacity to pracy.Analogiczne indexation rules will also apply to bridging pensions, disability pensions for veterans and war invalids and military, will also cover the pensions of individual farmers and mundurowych.Od services on March 1, 2015. lowest benefits will be: – 880.45 zł for pensions for incapacity for work for those who are completely unable to work and survivor’s pension – 675.13 zł for pensions in respect of incapacity for work for people unable to work in part – 1056.54 zł in If a pension for total incapacity to work due to accident or occupational disease and accident survivor’s pension – 810.17 zł for pension due to partial inability to work due to accident or occupational disease, – 739.58 zł for social pension, – 369.79 zł for social pension for a person taken into custody or serving a sentence of deprivation of wo lności.Łączna amount granted from 1 March 2015. social pension at the confluence of the survivor’s pension can not exceed 1760.90 zł. Reduced the amount of social pension granted from 1 March 2015. Can not be lower than the amount of 88.05 zł.

Trade Union of Miners in Poland speaks louder about the protest in Warsaw. It is to be held in late June and early July. Because of the government did not order the promised deputatami carbon. Both he takes those pensioners in some coal companies (2.5-3 tons per year, ie approx. 1500 zł), and from those still employed in the mines, which are paid to some companies and not others (8 tons per person, or about . 4000 zł per year). Only that this time will be – according to the announcement of the Deputy Minister of Energy Gregory Tobiszowskiego – the new rules ordering the matter still unsettled allowances. The bill, moreover, came from the Ministry of Energy – stuck Committee on Economic Council Ministrów.Jeśli However, provisions will be adopted in the end, the reason for the protest will disappear and the government will count consecutive weeks górnictwie.To social peace in the first years of the government, who managed to control wyrywnością on mining social site in Silesia, however, although not the first to have «the minister of mining,» just from Silesia.

Deputy Minister of Energy Grzegorz Tobiszowski is known that the union is able to communicate. As the talks need to spend 12 hours out of the room and on the parliamentary commission for the Treasury and energy will be up to 2.30 at night (with the meeting we saw last year). And that runs between Warsaw and Katowice, and it is available for the social side. Forgave him even that asserted that the mine closure will not, yet, that the PiS government took really to work on the restructuring of the sector taking sometimes unpopular decisions, such as the liquidation Krupiński (specifying – the decision took the board JSW, but She never would have done without the blessing of majority state ownership) .Gdy Makoszowy mines were closed and Krupiński miners threatened to protest, but they die a natural death, because the leadership of the Ministry of energy a hundred times repeated economic arguments in favor of this decision and explaining the legal implications of EU regulations (agreement on aid for decommissioning of mines only) .Rząd but needs reforming mining success as a kite rain. The flagship of success is to be a national champion, the Polish Mining Group, which in 2016.

Was founded on the ruins of bankrupt Coal Company. This year, took over the mines of Katowice Coal Holding. He has problems with space exploration (execution of the plan to 32 million tons of missing more than 2 million tonnes since the beginning of the year), but it has a long-term strategy and ambitious plans. Therefore, the miners demanded the restoration of the suspended «Czternastek» and wage increases and the restoration of preventive meals, so. flapsów. As we calculated the DGP – the annual cost, trifle, approx.

0.5 billion zł. Who forbid rich … Well, the rich, and the rich PGG is not. The deputy head of the Trade Union of Miners in Poland, Waclaw Czerkawski, told me a few days ago that the social side sees that the problems in the industry can not continue to powder. So the question is, how have enough patience to endure all this social peace. I hope as long as possible, because I’m the burning tires in Warsaw totally do not want and would rather not if I jedyna.Jednak Minister Tobiszowski would actually promoted (and such rumors appear on the market, but because it’s gossip, I will not repeat them) and the Ministry of he abandoned his potential successor will not be easy.

Andrew perfectly fits the stereotype of mocking informatykach. He suffers from myopia life – for hours staring at a computer and do not gaze reaches further than the tip of his nose. There is no passion, friends, girlfriend or your own four corners. Despite thirty finite lives completely in parents and requires full time care. He can not eat anything for hours, if none of the household does not remember that you need to make sandwiches or Andrew reheat dinner. He did not lift a finger. He will be so waited until evening, and when parents do not pofatygują for him in the fridge, able offended, come out of the house and go to McDonald’s car – there will handle it.

Regularly in this way it gives to understand his father and mother, how great it is going to get hurt because of their neutrality. Marcus just reached the age of Christ. The change in working and partying. When his peers leave the children for a Sunday walk, he cures a hangover after the weekend rounds capital’s pubs. Do not have a girlfriend, but he has friends with whom in the summer season goes on male tight served with the expedition to the lake. His head was not in matrimony or leaving the family nest, but makes good money and could finally become independent.

However, there is a plan for life – something przebąkiwali parents that soon the amount of Warsaw, then leave his apartment and thus will not have to move out anywhere. Mocks the naive frankowiczów it so easy to approach gave banksterom. And in general how you can live with a loan? He did not share the fate of borrowed into old age friends, because there is going to be a slave pit bank and the monthly installment. When I finally grow up?

Well, after talking – soon. Sebastian will end this year 35 years. Finally he found a steady job because until recently hung on the parents. But it is unfortunate – it frustrates work, so Monday longs for Friday and counts on Facebook hours separating it from fajrantu. Every day is another gold thought: «Who gets up in the morning, no one today is not invited to the party,» or «Just the job keeps me alive – if not for her, I would die of happiness.» So far she worked seasonally, to have a beer with colleagues. Its profile resembles an advertising campaign «Stop sobriety.» Matthew girl do not mind that so much partying that Matthew does not have a girlfriend.

I mean, he had until recently, but he got bored. His parents divorced early, so as to look for the other half, so when wife and go away from him. He is a born pessimist. Colleagues laid for the family, and he sincerely sympathizes with them. And by the way itself, which states, posting on Facebook a new golden thought: «More and more difficult to find normal people with whom you can have a beer.» To work hand Young people are grateful to the subject of sociological grumbling.

Research shows that a considerable percentage of those who have already crossed the threshold of adulthood, but have not yet reached the middle age, has problems with resourcefulness. Or «with their education does not work,» or think or assume family, or live under the same roof with their parents. Or all at once. According to GUS data from the last quarter of 2016. Unemployment affects mostly young people, and the largest group of remaining unemployed are persons aged 25-34 – as many as 27.7 percent. all unemployed. Decisions about marriages also are increasingly postponed in time.

While in 1990. Almost half of men and three-quarters of women determined to change the status cemented their relationship to the age of 25, whereas – according to statistics GUS four years ago – now a man decides to marry at an average age of 29 years, woman decides about getting married at the age of 27. More later born to them children – in the role of Mom and dad usually debut thirties. If you add to this, that as many as 53 per cent. for adults 35 years of age living with their parents (based on the «Financial Portrait Poles» of 2014.), you will see that adulthood today is not a dream come true, only stumbling block that hinders the pay website do homework for me freedom to grow wings; freedom from responsibilities. And no wonder that large army of twenty- or thirtysomething not want to march through life alone. It’s hard to take the first step into adulthood, when the school and studies were more random selection, poorly thought out and calculated on the extension of a pleasant childhood fitting than to perform a specific job.

Time expires at the university carelessly respirator to defend the diploma, then the patient has to get up on his own and continue to take care of themselves alone. The clash with the realities of the labor market is a test of the highest order, if confirmed in the proof of adulthood is applicable in practice. Diploma and metrics can not be courage to enter a shred of good will. And these characteristics must be demonstrated to the employer tapping. Apparently adults and children how to insure. – Young people are interested in internships and largely bills, that is a relatively new form of support for the labor office to 30 years – says Joanna Niemyjska, editor of the Information Service Center Employment Services «Green Line.» – often we encounter situations where a person who is an intern with the labor office, asking if she would be finishing his next use.

Meanwhile, the idea of ​​the internship is to gain experience in a business or profession in which you want to work eventually. Young people do not have a proactive attitude. It is possible that this is simply ignorant of the trends on the labor market. Pośredniaka employees who support the unemployed of all ages and regardless of seniority, long could point out the errors of young people standing in line for a job. First of all – demanding attitude.

The first job must be well paid and forward-looking. Hardly anyone wants to painstakingly bend the neck for minimum wage or low internship scholarship. Second – awkwardness. Officials sometimes need to draw on the strength of the candidate, what job would take, because this is not their strengths can put into words. Every fifth young man enjoying a free portal’s CV Factory Green card asking him to write a resume from scratch, because I do not know how to sell attractive. Thirdly – dependence can. It happens that references in the labor market newbies set mother, father, grandmother and even calling the office on behalf of the prospective employee and trying to have nothing to do it in finding employment. – With these cases we meet quite often.

Parents want to do things for their children, they want to participate in the visit to the office, interfere with the findings of the conversation. Young people benefiting from financial assistance your loved ones do not feel pressure from the start of his professional life, so they are easier, more convenient and better, often with the consent of their parents – concludes Krzysztof Buczkowski, director of the Municipal Labor Office in Plock. Niemyjska recalls that even the last green card recorded the conversation. – She called our client on behalf of his son. She wanted him to book an appointment at the employment office. Although she had a problem with computers, our employee led her step by step through the registration system, explaining what to do to book a visit. The boy all the time sitting with her in one room, as evidenced by the fact that talking to our consultant also pointed to his son. It is worth noting that he had completed undergraduate degree and was just starting his career in the market also pracy.zobacz: Young no longer angry.

Rather conservative and satisfied with life «in relations company – the candidate of the candidate’s parents often act as a buffer. They protect against a hostile world of comfort. Parental authority is sometimes abused to the point of absurdity, and goes much too far. – During job interviews did not occur to me that a parent interfered in the course of recruitment. In contrast, once employed one came with my mother, because you do not agree with the negative evaluation of its work – says Wojciech pityingly felis from marketing agency VML Poland. «Filed korposzczur» escapes from responsibility is difficult to determine precisely when adulthood begins. Even more difficult to face it. Internet rife with ideas, advice, ready-made scenarios, what to do with it, how to tame it.

And that in the group briskly, someone creates its manifesto, someone hurries with commentary and discussion is the best. Patrick clearly declared: «I do not want to grow up and I will never be an adult.» The same refrain is repeated Michael, who flees before adulthood traveling the world in search of his Atlantis. And Natalia tries to comfort his peers – adulthood is not as terrible as it paint, despite the fact that scares like her twenties. A fear of adulthood easier to write than to speak directly. The authors fed your overall impression of the internet a few years ago. Today, they are a little older, does not mean that adults are much less concerned about the continuous and growing up.

35-year-old Patrick Bąkowski is the oldest in this group. Trained as a physicist, but does not work in their profession – specializing in the management of the market. Adulthood does not suffer, because the man kills a child, feeds on stereotypes and takes on the characteristics of ritual activity – a wedding, buying a car loan for an apartment. – Adulthood is a surrender. Adult human is not proper. It is non-stop tense and tormented by imaginary obligations.

Serious and without imagination. Plays incomprehensible game appearances. And most importantly – adults are not interested in the world. They become a bit like a zombie – spits out Patrick. But time will not undo, has long been an adult. But separates the maturity of adulthood, which carries positive connotations for him – awareness, responsibility, control over emotions.

Patrick does not need support as parents. It is independent, free, works.

Levantar publicaciones desde cero es mi nalgada cuando me quedo sin aire. Tengo una adicción con la ingeniería de las comunicaciones. Aprendí de mi mamá y mi papá. es mi más reciente obsesión.


Gabriela Rosario

Levantar publicaciones desde cero es mi nalgada cuando me quedo sin aire. Tengo una adicción con la ingeniería de las comunicaciones. Aprendí de mi mamá y mi papá. es mi más reciente obsesión.