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19 year old model, Jazmyne Joy, invited me to be there when she shaved her head.

It was really inspiring, refreshing and empowering witnessing this girl’s confidence while shaving her beautiful platinum blonde hair.

Not many girls today, less even at that age, do something like this. She not only wants to send out a powerful message to the beauty and fashion industry, she also directs it to the people, and even to herself.

She shared with me a little of how the process was before and after she considered it, decided it and did it. For her, the before was a journey of self discovery, self love and acceptance; but she states that after doing so, she has seen a huge change in herself. “I feel fresh, confident and inspired. Hair doesn’t define me, it doesn’t define my beauty or anything about my persona”.

I definitely admire Jazz’s courage and security. I know most of us girls wouldn’t be so ready to chop of all our hair and rock a bald look. Would you be down to hit refresh and leave your set of hair behind?

Photography: Rodolfo Molina @rodolfojmolina

Creative Direction: Patricia Alfonso @palfonso93

Makeup Artist: Raiza Gonzalez @raizamontes

Stylist: Patricia Alfonso

Model: Jazmyne Joy @_jazmyne_joy_

Graphic Design: Gabriel Vizcarrondo

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